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We don't claim this is the best Traffic exchange!

But it's definitely different!  Резултат слика за dollar

This is a traffic exchange for upgraded members ! No need to scroll through a neverending sales letter to get to the price list. Here it is:

Monthly Gold Upgrade - $3.49

Monthly Platinum Upgrade - $4.99

Monthly NBST VIP  Upgrade - $8.90

How is this different from a free traffic exchange? 

No cheaters here! Guaranteed! 

Cheaters use autosurf software (also known as "bots") to earn free cash and credits. Cheaters will never buy an upgrade, no matter how cheap that is. A traffic exchange with no cheaters means that all the visits you receive to your sites are from real, quality surfers, not automatic robots which waste your credits.You may register for FREE  so that you can check out our options and services, but if you don't upgrade your account you can't earn .

Don't get this wrong! Free traffic exchanges are great! But at a free traffic exchange, when cheaters get caught and suspended all they have to do is open a new account. Opening a new account here -not mean anything-they can't use it.

Quality advertising:

Our members are all upgraded so that means they are all professional marketers, therefore more willing to buy whatever it is you're trying to sell.

Super fast timer: low as 2 seconds, depending on your membership level.  Earn credits at maximum speed, while still getting real, quality views to your sites. Why bother with tab surfing when you can stick with one Traffic Exchange which brings amazing results? 

Ultimate rotator and tracking service:

Complete system built for the professional marketer. Why pay separate, outrageous prices for this service at other sites, when you have it all included here? 

Generous affiliate commissions:

We pay from 30 to 50% commissions !

Here are your benefits: 

Membership Type   Gold Platinum NBST VIP
Cost Per Month   $3.49 $4.99 $8.90
Commissions   30% 40% 50%
Surfing Timer   4 seconds 3 seconds

2 seconds

Bonus Credits Per Month   300 500 700
Bonus Banners Per Month   300 500 700
Bonus Text Ads Per Month   300 500 700
Credits Earned Per Click   0.75 1 1.5
Maximum Number Of Sites   7 10 15
Maximum Number Of Banners   20 30 40
Maximum Number Of Text Ads   20 30 40
Credits Earned From Referral Surfing Level 1   10% 15% 20%
Credits Earned From Referral Surfing Level 2   - 5% 10%
Trackers   15 20 30
Rotators   2 3 5


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